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Phone number requirements

Is my phone number also my PAGA account number?? Or can I use my phone number for transaction instead of my account number if the case may b?

Transaction history

How to I open my past transaction history to view and print to give customer receipt

WordPress website

I'm developing a WordPress website for a church, I want to ask if I can add paga payment gateway to the website for donations and how can I integrate it? Thanks

Having trouble access paga api from my postman

Pls i need a way forward in integrating the paga api for my web app. Have already done whitelisting.Thanks

Internal Server Error

I'm, trying out the Payment Request endpoint and i keep getting internal server error when i try to make a request.


Hello Pls we have a business model that can increase paga customer and profit index Pls how can we be partners on this project

Why can't I verify my email

Why can't I verify my email


Morning. I'm facing an issue with setting up proper authentication to the Collect API. First the documentation says I can leave out the payee if the processor is the one to receive but the hash in the header also requires some of the payee details. How does that work out?

Good day Fam.

Someone defraud my sister use paga account. Name is Frank Ebuka Phone Number: 08138876171 Email: [email protected]

Paga Collect

On the documentation, either one of the payer's email or phone number is required. But I'm getting server error from the response and i'm using a test account.