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Welcome to the Paga API documentation. Our APIs and libraries are written to help you integrate payment in your products in matter of minutes. We have step by step guides to enable you get started.

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Paga Business API allows International Money Transfer Operators (IMTO) such as Transferwise, World Remit, TerraPay to transfer money from any part of the world to their customers.

Learn more on how to remit seamlessly using the following methods below.

Money Transfer

The Money Transfer operation enables businesses to utilize the Paga platform to transfer funds from a variety of sources to another party. The funds transfer may be executed from the accounts of the businesses , or on behalf of another customer with the appropriate authentication. The source of funds may be the sender's Paga account or another source that the sender has pre-registered on the Paga platform. Click here to get started.

Deposit to Bank

The Deposit To Bank operation enables businesses to utilize the Paga platform to deposit funds to any bank account. The funds will be deposited from the businesses Paga account to the bank account specified in the operation parameters. Click here to get started.

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