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Paga Checkout

I want to know if the Paga checkout is actually working

Account locked

Please why am I getting this error "error":"User account is locked for user: \_system_user_12179". I have verified my account but did not give out my real bvn detail because it is a beta account. My business name is Sophia. It is really exhausting integrating with your API and I am at the verge of giving up.

Mubarak sidi

I withdraw money into another account but see them in my paga account pls helpe

Invalid request hash, please check request parameters

so I trying to test a money transfer with pagaBusinessClient.moneyTransfer() but I keep getting the invalid request hash. I have already generated a sha512 using the format e.g (referenceNumber+amount+destinationBankUUID+destinationBankAccountNumber+hashkey) as it was in the documentation. then I passed the hash as 'hash':hashvalue in the headers request. Is there something I am doing wrong?

This seems scam

I have checked several ways to reach out to their customer, nothing is real. Not even a single message has ever been replied on their forum, Facebook, WhatsApp and others. I'm concluding, paga is a scam

Inactive account


How can I login my paga

How can I login my paga account

Phone number requirements

Is my phone number also my PAGA account number?? Or can I use my phone number for transaction instead of my account number if the case may b?

Transaction history

How to I open my past transaction history to view and print to give customer receipt

WordPress website

I'm developing a WordPress website for a church, I want to ask if I can add paga payment gateway to the website for donations and how can I integrate it? Thanks