Welcome to Paga

Paga is a financial services company building an ecosystem to enable people to digitally send and receive money, buy and sell goods, and access financial services - creating simple financial access for everyone.

We have complete a suite of end-to-end APIs the will enable you to building amazing payment and financial experiences, whatever your use case. Explore and leverage on our APIs to grow your business.

Business API- This allows third parties to execute a number of payment operations funded from their own Paga account. Operations include things such as bill payments, P2P money transfers, transfers to banks, and airtime purchases. This also allows third parties to perform some management aspects of their Paga account such as checking their account balance or creating custom payment accounts to receive payments into their own Paga account as they would with any bank account.

Collect API-- This allows third parties to process collections via API using a variety of collection mechanisms (dynamic bank transfer, USSD transfers, card payments, pay at agent, etc… ). This provides a number of different mechanisms to setup collections or requests for payments (payment requests) that are very flexible to cover a lot of collections use cases.

Paga Checkout - This is an online payment gateway that supports very simple integration into any online site to instantly accept collections into the third party's Paga account via a wide-variety fo payment mechanisms

Paga Connect - This is Paga's OAuth solution which allows Paga account holder to authorize third parties to perform operations on their Paga Customer’s accounts. Authorization can be provided for a variety of operations on the account and can be given for one-time or tokenized long-term access

Merchant Notification Reverse API - This is an API that merchants that are listed on Paga channels for receiving payments, implement in order to receive real-time notifications for payments collected on any channel