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Welcome to the Paga API documentation. Our APIs and libraries are written to help you integrate payment in your products in matter of minutes. We have step by step guides to enable you get started.

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Merchant Services


Welcome to Paga Merchant Service API

This is the home page for the Merchant services documentation space. This space will be used for keeping the Merchant Services technical documentation organised and up to date.

1. Overview

This document lists the different RESTful web services Paga offers to Merchants and guides you in setting up these services.

Knowledge of HTTP and RESTful web services is required to set up these services. If you are not familiar with implementing a REST web service, you may need to get help from a skilled developer. Also, see our Sample REST Clients page for more information. The Paga Merchant services API work with JSON.

The following Secure operations can be performed.

  1. Get Transaction Details
  2. Get Transaction Details by Invoice Number
  3. Get Process Details
  4. Reconciliation Report
  5. Get Foreign Exchange Rate
  6. Refund Bill Pay
  7. Get Transaction Details By Merchant Reference Number

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Merchant Services

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