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Welcome to the Paga API documentation. Our APIs and libraries are written to help you integrate payment in your products in matter of minutes. We have step by step guides to enable you get started.

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Welcome to Paga APIs
If you don't already have API credentials, please follow the steps below:

The steps required to obtain authentication details are outlined below.

Create a Paga Business account

Create a Test Businesss Account on our test environment

Send an email to the Paga Operations Support team.

You will be contacted by a Paga representative that will provide you with the information you require.
Once you have this setup, you're ready to start using the Business Rest services.

If you have completed STEP 1, you can follow the steps below to get your Public key, Secret key/Password, and HMAC.

Login to your Paga Business Account

To get your API credentials, go to Manage Account, Click on Manage API Keys.

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