Business API

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This is the home page for all Paga for Business REST API documentation. This is where you can get all the latest up to date documentation on Paga Business.


Business Rest API allows businesses to integrate with Paga Financial Services such as

Money Transfer to Bank Account

  1. Fetch the list of banks - Get Banks
  2. Validate bank account number - Validate Deposit to Bank
  3. Transfer to bank account number - Deposit To Bank

Airtime and Data

  1. Fetch the list Telco Operator - Get Mobile Operators
  2. Send Airtime or data - Airtime and Data Purchase

Bill Payment (VAS)

  1. Fetch the list of Billers- Get Merchants
  2. Fetch the list of services for a biller - Get Merchant Services
  3. Validate biller customer details - Merchant Account Details
  4. Make Payment to a biller- Merchant Payment

Money transfer to Paga Account

  1. Validate a Paga account - Validate Money Transfer
  2. Transfer to Paga account - Money Transfer

Transaction History and Account Balance

  1. Check Account Balance on Paga - Account Balance
  2. Fetch Transaction history - Transaction History
  3. Fetch most recent transaction processed - Recent Transaction History

Create a Paga account

  1. Create a Paga account - Register Customer
  2. Add photo to Paga account - Register Customer Account Photo
  3. Add ID to Paga account - Register Customer Identification
  4. Create a sub-merchant account - Onboard Merchant

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