Business API Error Codes

Below are the Business Error codes and description

Response CodesDescription
1Money Transfer Bulk - Partial Success, Empty Request
2Money Transfer Bulk - All Failed
4Deposit to bank - Invalid Account Number
-1Unknown error
-2Unsupported operation
-3Invalid bulk operation size
-4Missing reference number
-8Missing process type
-9Invalid process type
101Invalid Bank
103Disabled or Inactive account
104Invalid Principal in use
105Duplicate reference
106Invalid Source Of Funds
107Invalid Recipient Account
108Invalid Organization User
109Buy Airtime Error
110Invalid Organization
111Invalid Customer
112Invalid Biller Name or Biller Service does not exist
113Invalid User
114Invalid Account
115Invalid Bank Account
116Invalid Amount
117Missing Required Parameter
118Invalid User Identifier
119Invalid Process
120Photo Already Set
121Invalid Image Type
122Invalid Identification Details
123Invalid Phone Number
124Invalid First Name
125Invalid Last Name
126Invalid Username
127Invalid Email
128Email Already Exist
129Locked User Account
130Invalid name
131Invalid Merchant
132Invalid Process Channel
133Can not find destination bank
134Invalid date of birth
135Unknown Reference number
136Exceed Transaction Limit
137Below Minimum Transaction Limit
138Exceed account limit