Test Mode

This environment is used to confirm that your integration works correctly. You can mimic transactions without moving any money using special values in test mode.

1. Test Mode Environment - Sandbox

Credential can be fetched when a dashboard is on test mode.

Transaction completed in this mode does not involve real money, all functionality will mimic the live mode but no actual value is involved.

We strongly recommend developing using test mode and switching to live when all development work is completed.


Live Mode

To confirm that your integration works correctly, simulate transactions without moving any money, using special values in test mode.

2. Live Mode Environment - Production

Credential will be fetched when the dashboard is on Live mode.

Transactions completed on live API credentials involve real money and the account balance will deplete when payment is made or increase when payment is collected.

Logon to your Paga Business account and click Manage Account β‡’ Manage API Key
Click the blue gear to generate a new secrete key and click save to update the Secret Key accordingly