Get Your Credentials/API Keys


At A Glance

The following parameters defines the header parameter with respect to user's settings above:

  • principal: public key/username
  • credentials: secret key/credential
  • hashkey/APIKEY: HMAC

To obtain your API authentication credentials are outlined below.

  • Login to your Paga account
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on API Credentials

This section will show your live API credentials.

  • Public Key / Principal - This is your public key -- sometimes called Username, Merchant Key or Principal
  • Live Primary Secret Key/Credential -- This is your live secret key -- Sometimes called Password or Credential
  • Live Failover Secret Key/Credential (optional) -- If used, this is a second working live secret key. This is not required and is typically used for systems that need password rotation as described below
  • Hash Key / HMAC -- For APIs that require parameter hashing, this is the required hashing key as indicated in the API documentation

The Live Credentials section allows you to maintain more than one working live secret key at a time -- a Primary Secret Key and a Failover Secret Key.

You will alway sneed to create a Primary Secret Key which is your secret credentials/password.

For many API user, that is all they will need. However, if you want to be able to rotate API keys without any service disruption, you can also create a Failover Secret Key.
If created, a Failover Secret Key will also work at the same time as your Primary Secret Key, which allows you to migrate keys from Primary to Failover on your system without service disruption and then replace the primary with the secondary when you wish by clicking the 'Rotate/Delete' button, thereby replacing the primary secret key with the secondary secret key, deleting the primary and allowing you to create a new secondary secret key if desired.