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Simplify payments with Paga Checkout!

Experience seamless payments with the Paga Checkout gateway! Create a hassle-free HTML payment form, where customers simply click to submit and gain instant access to an integrated checkout gateway. We help your customers complete the payment process and smoothly return them to your platform for more exciting interactions

Try Payment below

Experiment with the payment process by obtaining Test Data and initiating a sample payment.


Sample Card:

Card number: 5531 8866 5214 2950

Expiry Date: 09/32

CVV: 555,

You can get more sample cards in Test Data and play around with the widget

Simple walk-through

  • Add an HTML form tag containing the script below to render a "Make Payment" button on your website
  • When the button is clicked, the checkout widget will be loaded within an iFrame
  • When payment is completed, the customer is redirected back to your success/failure page.


Base URL

Live environment -

Test Environment -

Each of the widget parameters is explained in the table below

<form method="POST">
          data-email="[email protected]"
          data-button_label="Make Payment"
          data-funding_sources="CARD,PAGA,TRANSFER,AGENT,USSD" >
ArgumentsData TypeRequiredDescription
srcStringYesThis must contain the link as indicated. please note the base url for test environment will be and live environment will be
data-public_keyStringYesPublic Key for your Paga business account
data-amountNumberYesAmount you want customer to pay
data-currencyStringNoDefault is NGN, specify if otherwise
data-payment_referenceStringNoPayment identifier, if not provided, paga will generate
data-charge_urlStringNoLocation to redirect your customer after payment
data-phone_numberStringNoCustomer's phone number
data-emailStringNoCustomer's email address
data-display_imageStringNoMerchant preferred image on checkout
data-button_labelStringNoCheckout button label
data-widthNumberNoDesired button width
data-callback_urlStringNoTo receive callback for payment, indicate callback url
data-funding_sourcesListNoIf specific payment method is preffered, specify and separate with comma CARD,PAGA,TRANSFER,AGENT,USSD

After Payment

Three actions will happen immediately after payment is completed

  1. Customer will be redirected automatically to data-charge_url provided in the script tag with charge_reference=JHX-18743567& status_message=success & status_code=0
ParamsData TypeRequiredDescription
charge_referenceStringYesThis is payment reference you provided in the script tag, if not provided we generate one for you
status_messageStringYessuccess- Indicate the payment was successful
status_codeNumberYes0 - Success Payment
  1. We'll send you a webhook if you provide data-callback_url
    "statusCode": 0,
    "statusMessage": "success",
    "paymentReference": "JHX-18743567",
    "amount": 1000,
    "currency": "NGN",
    "timeStamp": "2021-03-08T15:52:13.000Z",
    "description": "Payment for the good of the nation",
    "customerEmail": "[email protected]",
    "customerPhoneNumber": "+2348063334156"
  1. We'll send you an email if you've enabled notification on your business account

Verify Charge

This service allows the merchant to verify the status and details of an executed process to determine if a transaction was indeed executed on Paga system using the pre-shared transaction payment reference number.
POST /checkout/transaction/verify HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json
Authorization: "Basic QWxhZGRpbjpvcGVuIHNlc2FtZQ=="

  "status_code": 0,
  "status_message": "successful",
  "amount": 1000,
  "currency": "NGN"
status_codeStringMA status code of 0 indicating successful transaction
status_messageStringMA human-readable message describing the transaction result (success or fail)
chargeIdStringMThe unique reference number code provided with the request
amountNumberMamount charged
currrencuStringMNGN by default

What’s Next

If you want more flexibility with your Checkout implementation, see Checkout link