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Merchant Notification Reverse API

The Merchant Web-Services Platform enables merchants to integrate with the Paga platform. This enables Paga to process automated real-time payment transactions with the Merchant's systems using secure RestFul Web Services. This specification describes the RestFul web-services that the merchant must implement for automated integration.

The services that are described in this specification are:

  1. Get Supported Integration Services
    This service allows Paga to verify which of the integration services the merchant implementation supports in order to configure subsequent interaction with the merchant platform. This service is mandatory.

  2. Payment Execution
    This service provides the mechanism for Paga to submit a payment notification to the merchant systems and receive confirmation of its approval. This service is mandatory.

  3. Customer Validation
    This service allows Paga to verify the existence of a customer in good standing with the merchant using several customer properties. This service is optional.

  4. Query Payments
    This service provides the mechanism for Paga to request historical payment(s) records from the biller. This service is optional.

  5. Get Merchant Services
    This service provides the mechanism for Paga to request a list of named merchant services and associated service properties provide by the merchant. This service is optional.

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Merchant Notification Reverse API

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