Getting Started

Welcome to the Paga Merchant Notification API Guide.

1. Overview

Paga has created a standard set of web services for 3rd party merchants to implement to enable further integration to Paga. These services allow merchants to accomplish the following:

  1. Paga to notify, in real-time, the merchant of any payment made on the Paga platform.

  2. Enable Paga to validate customers' account numbers with the merchant or get customer details.

  3. Enable Paga to query the payment history of a customer.

  4. Enable Paga to request the list of services a merchant offers to its customers for payment.

The purpose of this document is to outline the specifications of the Paga RESTFUL web service.

Hosting and Configuration
The merchant may host their web service on any publicly accessible URL which they will share with Paga for configuration on the Paga platform.

The merchant is required to provide and maintain a 'test' execution mode for any implemented service which will be executed when the isTest flag is set to true on any of the relevant service procedure calls (see Services definitions below). This will allow for the Paga platform to maintain continuously testable integration with the merchant system.

Part of this specification describes the security features that the Merchant web service must implement in order to help ensure secure communications between the Paga platform and the Merchant systems. These security specifications are required for successful integration.