Accepting Payment On Your Platform

Accepting Payment On Your Platform

Paga Checkout

Paga Checkout provides an easy-to-integrate payments collection tool for merchants. Paga Standard Checkout

Paga Weblink

The standard Paga weblink flow utilise Paga payment request API to create a payment link and you can direct your customer to the payment link.

Virtual Account

Virtual account is account numbers generated by the merchant that allows you to receive payment via Bank Transfers with-in a short period.


Bank USSD allows Paga merchants to leverage one-time-use bank USSD to collect payments from customers.

Paga Wallet

You can request payment from any paga wallet and they’ll get notified to authorise payment instantly.


Accepting payments directly on paga.

Accepting Payments on Paga

Paga can help you collect payments directly from your users.

You can leverage the

  • Justpaga.me
  • Paylink Link via Page
  • Bank Deposit


JustPaga.Me provides businesses or individuals with a quick way to receive payments.

You create your JustPaga.Me a link by adding your Paga username, Paga Account Number or Bank account number to the justpaga.me as the base link.

  1. Leverage your Paga username

If your account username is radius, you can create a justpaga.me link as justpaga.me/radius and share it with your customers

  1. Leverage your Paga NUBAN

If your Paga account number is 2088673651, you can create a justpaga.me link as justpaga.me/2088673651 and share with your customers.

  1. Leverage your Bank Account Number

You can use your bank account number is 8909876566 to create a justpaga.me justpaga.me/BankName/8909876566

For Paga and Bank account number option, when your customer clicks on the Justpaga.me link, they’ll be required to enter an amount and select your bank to proceed to make payment, you’ll receive a deposit notification once payment is received.

Bank Deposit

Your Paga account has a dedicated account number.

You can share the account number with your customer

  • to receive an instant deposit from any bank account in Nigeria
  • to fund your Paga account from any financial institution in Nigeria including bank branches and any agent outlet.

Paga PayMe Page

Paga PayMe Page is a cloud-hosted page customised for your business.

It allows your business to generate a payment link you can share with your customer to receive payment.

Your customer can fill in their details address, name, and product type and you’ll receive an email.

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