Collect API


The Collect API allows you to create persistent payment accounts as well as payment requests.

The Persistent Payment Account operation allows organizations to create account numbers that can be used to collect payment from their customers. These account numbers belong to the organization and are assigned to customers to make payments anytime via Bank or Paga transfers.

The Payment request operation allows anyone (payment request initiator) to initiate a payment request to a third party and automatically get notified when the payment request is fulfilled.

The third party receiving the payment request (payer) can then pay via multiple payment methods - bank transfers, USSD, cards, offline at an agent, etc. Once payment is made from any of the listed channels, an automatic notification is sent to the initiator.

In addition, the initiator can nominate another third-party (payee) as a recipient for the payment, it does not have to go to the initiator. Furthermore, the payee doesn’t need a Paga account to receive, funds can be received into any bank account across the country.



The following parameters defines the header parameter with respect to user's settings above:

  • principal: public key/username
  • credentials: secret key/credential
  • hashkey/APIKEY: HMAC